Lisa Jardine Cyrus

Lisa Jardine Cyrus was born and raised in Georgia, and you will know it when you talk with her.  She moved to Austin in 1977 to begin an entrepreneurial career in the specialty food industry.  After 20 years of building and growing that business, a group of investors purchased everything, including the ranch in 1997.  Then she struck out on a new career path, residential real estate.  Attentive and personal customer service was the main foundation for the business she sold and it certainly is for her endeavors in finding new homes for her past, current and future real estate clients.


Stratton Cyrus

Stratton Cyrus has lived in Austin twice... in the early 70's and again beginning in 1984.  He is a true Texan, born and raised.  His education and background is also in consumer products and marketing, having managed and created a number of varied businesses over the last 40 years.  Great communication and customer service skills are the foundation of his business.



3903C Belmont Park Dr., Austin, TX.  78746
512-329-5664 (fax)

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